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Our Mission is to have people experience beauty in their lives, every day.

There is beauty all around us, but it’s far too easy to let it go unnoticed, especially when today’s world can seem so stressful and full of ugliness. That is why it is so important to surround yourself with beauty in all of the spaces you spend the most time in. Any chair can give you a place to sit, but not every chair brings you delight. We create beautiful pieces of furniture that transform the ordinary into something special.

Let’s make your favorite space a truly magical place.


introducing the

November Chair

The surprisingly comfortable November Chair is a modern spin on the classic formal dining chair. The faceted “low-poly” styling of the seat back was designed to turn heads. Equally at home in a contemporary dining room or a five star restaurant, your guests will dine in exceptional comfort and style.

November Chair in   Lush   finish

November Chair in Lush finish

bold style

Most of the time we see chairs from the back side, nestled up to a dining table. That’s why we started by designing the back of the chair. This chair is an attention-getter, and your guests will know you have style when they see it at your table.

November Chair in   Electric   finish

November Chair in Electric finish

premium finish

All of our pieces are expertly crafted with the highest quality materials and hospitality grade finishes. The November Chair is available in 10 bold colors and natural stains, each one showcasing the beautiful, textural grain of red oak.

November Chair in   Majestic   finish

November Chair in Majestic finish

exceptional comfort

The crisp lines and bold facets of the November Chair provide a stark contrast to the surprising comfort of the seat. You will see a look of delight when your guests sit down for the first time. Every fine meal deserves a comfortable chair.