november chair

Introducing the November Chair, a decidedly modern take on the classic formal dining chair.

November Chair in   Lush

November Chair in Lush

bold styling

Most of the time we see chairs from the back side, nestled up to a dining table. That’s why we started by designing the back of the chair. The design of the November Chair was inspired by 3D Printing and the “low-poly” design aesthetic. The look of the chair is a balance between flowing, sinuous forms and sharp, abrupt surface changes. This chair is an attention-getter, and your guests will know you have style when they see it at your table.

November Chair in   Electric

November Chair in Electric

premium finish

All of our pieces are expertly crafted with the highest quality materials and hospitality grade finishes. The November Chair is available in 10 bold colors and natural stains with evocative names to match the mood they bring. Each open pore finish showcases the beautiful, textural grain of red oak. From attention grabbing primaries to elegant neutrals, there is a perfect November Chair for every space.

November Chair in   Majestic

November Chair in Majestic

exceptional comfort

The crisp lines and bold facets of the November Chair provide a stark contrast to the surprising comfort of the seat. You will see a look of delight when your guests sit down for the first time. We tested the ergonomics on more than 50 people of all different shapes and sizes, and the verdict of comfort was unanimous. We think every fine meal deserves a comfortable chair.